COVID-19 has become the unwelcome advocate for Digital Transformation (DX). Before the pandemic, DX was a business strategy that most organizations and governments postponed for varied reasons. But with COVID-19 expected to linger for months or years, DX is now a necessity for national survival.

As the government cautiously transitions the Philippine economy out of COVID-19 restrictions, NEDA is rallying government to push digital transformation under the new normal. For indeed, data from resumed manual transactions with the public indicate a surge in COVID-19 infections, forcing concerned agencies to shift to contact-less digital public transactions.

For its part, DICT has proposed for 2021 a budget of P46.6 billion for digital transformation, to fund initiatives like the National Broadband Program, Free WIFI for All in Public Places and State Universities and Colleges Program, the Government Emergency Communications System, Digital Government initiatives, Digital Workforce and Digital Education, Digital Cities and Provinces, and Cybersecurity.

The conference will also hear related initiatives from banking, trade and industry, and agriculture sectors, with perspectives from local governments, and responsive solutions and best practices from industry partners.

NEDA Update on the Economy under COVID19
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